Gas Station Owners v. Trucking Company and Driver

In the winter of 2011, a truck driver was hauling a load of steel girders from Tennessee to a Canadian border facility in Vermont. While traveling through a New Hampshire town, the driver approached a “T” intersection, with a stop sign for oncoming vehicles. However, the driver failed to stop or safely execute a turn at the intersection, which resulted in the truck traveling across the roadway and onto the premises of a gas station. The truck then crashed through a gas pump and a steel strut, which supported the overhead canopy. The truck finally came to rest in a riverbed behind the station and resulted in the death of the driver.

As a result of the damage to the property, the Owners were ordered to cease fuel dispensing operations, which also resulted in lost income. The cost of repairs was excess of $200,000, and the Owners did not have insurance in place to cover this loss.

The Owners hired Boston personal injury and accident attorney, Keith L. Miller, to represent them in a claim against the driver and his employer. Attorney Miller associated with local counsel and filed an action in the U.S. District Court in New Hampshire. Shortly before trial, Attorney Miller negotiated a $287,500 settlement with the defendants.