Unfair Business Practices

In Massachusetts and in most states, the legislatures have passed laws, which are intended to protect individuals and companies from businessses which engage in deceptive or unfair practices. These statutes usually distinguish between consumer and business claims, and the most distinguishing feature is the imposition of punitive damages, usually the multiplying of damages and the payment of attorney’s fees to punish the perpetrators of the deceptive or unfair practice.

In Massachusetts, the statute is General Laws, Chapter 93A, sections 2, 9, 11. To recover damages for a claim under this statute, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant engaged in a deceptive or unfair business practice, which was so severe that it “rises to a level of rascality” which would “shock the conscience” of a judge or juror hearing evidence. A successful plaintiff may recover double or triple damages for an intentional violation of the act plus reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in pursuing such a claim.

Many claims are filed under G.L. c. 93A as part of a larger complaint for breaches of contract and other business related claims. However, the number of cases, which actually go to trial and which result in such multiple damage awards is relatively small. Attorney Keith L. Miller has tried c. 93A claims to judges and juries and has obtained awards, including multiple damages and attorney’s fees.

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