Patron v. Restaurant and Property Owner

The Plaintiff was visiting a restaurant in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She parked her car in an off-street lot used by the restaurant’s customers. After exiting her vehicle, the Plaintiff was walking towards the restaurant entrance when, her shoe got caught in the 8 to 10 inch loop of an anchor chain, which was being used as a divider in the parking lot. The Plaintiff’s view of the chain, was blocked by other cars in the lot, and because the lighting was bad.

The Plaintiff left the restaurant shortly after the accident in extreme pain, visited the hospital the next morning, and was eventually diagnosed with a torn right hamstring. She had surgery, and was unable to return to full time work as a medical professional for almost 2 years, and also claimed emotional injuries.

She hired Boston personal injury and accident the attorney, who filed an action in Superior Court in Essex County against the restaurant and parking lot owner. the attorney negotiated $168,000.00 settlement with the Defendants, shortly before trial.

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