Premises Accidents


Accidents causing personal injury often occur in both public and private places where an inidividual or company has assumed the responsibility of maintaining the safety of expected visitors to the particular location. Whether you suffer injuries as the result of a building fire, a fall the entryway staircase of a friend’s apartment building or someone attacks you while you are a guest in a hotel, you may have a claim for the money damages you have suffered as the result of the accident or incident.

While not every accident results in a claim, if you are injured in a building or on someone’s property other than your own, you need to contact a qualified attorney to have the accident evaluated to determine if there is a claim, and if so, whether there exists the possibility to recover damages.

Often the decision whether to proceed requires an evaluation of the assets of the responsible party and whether they have insurance to cover the claims. An experienced attorney can assist you in making such a determination.

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